​Hola Cool Fans! Team Innovative presents OPTIMISED STOCK 3.0 based on Marshmallow CoolUI8.0 V010 for Coolpad Note 3 Lite Now with AROMA INSTALLER and OTA Updater OTA Updates will be of Optimised Stock 3.0 […]

Like our work? Want to see us work better? You can donate to us(all devs) from paytm! This is the right opportunity to support our work! Just head over to […]

Hello People! Another major update for CoolUI8 Mods Xposed Module! Enjoy 🙂 Changelog: v1.6 (19/12/2016): -Add Changelog view after updating module -Add Ads -Add more HD and VoLTE Icons (Provided […]

Changelog: V1.5 (11/12/2016) -Add HD Icon from MIUI8 –Add BatteryBarMods (Ported from XuiMods by Zst123) –Add Clock Mods (Ported from XuiMods by Zst123) Download from here (Don’t forget to hit the […]

New Custom kernel for CoolPad note 3 by Venkatpinnamani Download Link Change Log: 1) Kernel upstream from 3.10.65 to 3.10.104 2) Latest secuirity upgrades 3) Driver updated (Things work better […]

Changelog- v1.4 (07/12/16): -Added styles for Signal Bars –iOS –Circle Icons -VoLTE –Improved look of VoLTE Text –Added VoLTE in white rectangle like most phones Download from here